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Close your eyes and imagine the perfect eyebrows ... Get the eyebrows of your dreams with Hairstrokes Microblading! The method that is all the rage in terms of micropigmentation and which makes it possible to obtain eyebrows with a natural look. This versatile procedure uses a pen-like, hand-held tool to draw strokes with the appearance of hair and can meet a variety of needs such as filling, defining or creating an eyebrow from scratch for those who have abused the tweezer or have lost their eyebrows due to an illness or condition. This procedure requires a touch up appointment (included in the price) 6 weeks later in order to maximize retention. Find out more under Touch Up 6 weeks in the drop that menu.


Duration: 3 hours

Appointment(s): 1

Retention: 12-24 months

Videos Microblading PoilxPoil

Videos Microblading PoilxPoil

Videos Microblading PoilxPoil