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Skin Of Color

Looking for the place that will take care of your melanin? Trust LUMI BEAUTE! The Technician in microblading has experience with skin of color and will advise you on the most appropriate treatment. Even though there are different skin types and shades, there is essentially no difference in the technique for microblading whether the skin is light or dark. The difference lies especially in the result of the microblading once healed.

Black skin heals differently. The pigment may tend to blanch more quickly and have a cooler color tone. Dark brown strokes may also have less contrast with darker skin. However at LUMI BEAUTE we know how to overcome these difficulties by preparing a mixture of pigments personalized with a corrector, by modifying the the after-care that is done at home and by performing, if necessary, the technique over 3 sessions rather 2. The microblading Techinician will also tell you the most appropriate method between hairstrokes, powder or a combination of 2. Microblading powder effect is often the most appropriate. This procedure requires an 2 touch-up appointments (included in the price) within 6 weeks of each other in order to maximize retention. Find out more under Touch Up 6 weeks in the drop that menu.

Duration: 3 hours

Appointment(s): 1

Retention: 12-24 months

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