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599 $

Discover microblading the Ombré effect! The method trending in Europe and the United States to obtain eyebrows with a subtle makeup look. This procedure ideal for oily skin, skin of color or when covering a former permanent makeup is performed using an electrical rotary pen that allows to deposit a veil of pigment on the eyebrows. It allows to create a perfect eyebrow line for a sculpted look. Ombré Microblading is permanent makeup revisited for a less severe result but rather modern, soft and powdery one. This procedure requires a touch up appointment (included in the price) 6 weeks later in order to maximize retention. Find out more under Touch Up 6 weeks in the drop that menu.

Duration: 3 hours

Appointment(s): 1

Retention: 12-24 months

Videos Microblading Ombré

Videos Microblading Ombré

Videos Microblading Ombré
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Microblading Ombré

Microblading Ombré

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